Technology System

    Innowave attaches great importance to research and development (R&D) investment, and its R&D personnel account for more than 70% of its employees, so it can ensure that every project has adequate R&D personnel devoted into the projects, and achieves the project development effects required by clients. Innowave adopts various forms of emotional care to provide and create an organizational atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual care, and mutual understanding for its R&D personnel in their long and challenging research life. Following the principle of sustainable development, it provides R&D personnel with lifelong learning opportunities, develops the potentials of R&D personnel through a continuous support process, and encourages R&D personnel to have the rights to obtain the knowledge, values, skills, and understanding that they need for life and apply these in any task, situation, or environment with confidence, creativity, and happiness.

    Through the implementation of establishment, management and utilization measures of open, internationalized human capital, Innowave continuously obtains, expands, and holds innovative resources internally and externally, and provides support to the development of the regional social economy, forming an innovative system of collaboration of industries, universities, and research institutes. By providing competitive compensation packages and good work environment, it attracted and recruited top international research experts. These top experts possess extraordinary strategic visions and strong coordination skills, enabling the company to overcome technical problems with lower costs and in shorter periods. Therefore, it can successfully apply these technical achievements into clients’ end-products, and continuously create values for clients.

    In response to the development trend of mobile communications in the future, Innowave focuses researches on terminal antennas, RF front-end chip, millimeter wave chip and other fields, enabling Innowave to obtain various important research findings in key technical fields such as consumer electronics antennas, Vehicle 77GHz millimeter wave antennas, antenna switches, RF switches, DiFEM, LFEM, sensor modules, millimeter wave communication AiP, and millimeter wave active antennas, etc. So far, it has formed more than ten national, industrial, and organizational standards, and has more than 300 patents, of which many have been transformed into applications.
—— Research cooperation ——
  • Fudan University
    Development and industrialization of key technologies for 5g RF front end transmitting system
  • Southeast University
    Development and industrialization of multi carrier high performance composite antenna on engineering metamaterials
    Research on Key technologies of low power and high efficiency 5G MMW wireless transmission
    Research on key technologies and verification platform of 5G MMW transmission and networking
  • National University of Singapore
    Research on MMW radiator and its feed transmission line in AiP
  • City University of Hong Kong
    Key technology RD of 5G MMW phased antenna array for handheld devices
  • City University of Hong Kong
    Key technology research and development of 5G millimeter wave phased antenna array
Guangdong-Hong Kong Big Data Image and Communication Application Joint Laboratory
High throughput and high isolation 5G/6G mobile communication terminal antenna and array technology
Millimeter wave and terahertz antenna and device technology used in communication and imaging systems
5G/6G high-frequency antenna product development and printed integrated process development and verification
Application of millimeter wave/terahertz materials in integrated electronic circuit products
5G/6G smart terminal research and development
Key common technologies for 5G/6G communication terminal testing and calibration