In an uncertain business environment, we need to rely more on the company work, hand in hand to create new opportunities for the company’s greater interests. Therefore, the company has always regarded the employment relationship as one of the most important factors of governance, we hope that through the employees create a fair, safe, respectful and inclusive work environment.

Innowave emphasizes the respect and achievement that every employee should enjoy; adopts various forms of emotional care to provide and creates an organizational atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual care. Following the principle of sustainable development, we provide personnel with lifelong learning opportunities, develops the potentials of personnel through a continuous support process, and encourages personnel to have the rights to obtain the knowledge, values, skills, and understanding that they need for life and apply these in any task, situation, or environment with confidence, creativity, and happiness.

Innowave has always been open-minded and listens to employee’s suggestions, for the improvement of the company and the working environment; promptly implements reasonable suggestions and demands into action. We believe these actions will create extraordinary sense of value identity in employees and bring unparalleled wealth to the company.