Production System

    We adopt new-technology, new-technique, highly efficient, environmentally friendly special equipment, operate strictly by the requirements of the process flow, improve the product qualification rate, pursue the "zero defect" of the products, and ensure the product quality.
    The process flow covers most of the production or assembly forms of mobile terminal antennas including LDS+ chemical plating process, FPC process, NFC process, external antenna, PDS pad printing antenna, package test process, hardware process, die-cutting process, injection molding process, SMT, machine assembly, 3D printing process.
    We introduced an ERP management system that provides refined support for enterprise financial management, supply chain management, production management, s-HR management, supply chain collaborative management, and achieved a high degree of transparency and rapid management response of the enterprise management.
    We introduced the quality management QMS system to carry out refined quality management for the entire process of the factory supply chain, incoming inspection, process control, finished product shipment, and after-sales service. We achieve the functions of quality traceability, early warning, and prediction through multi-dimensional professional analysis.
    We introduced the MES management system that has nine core functional modules including warehouse management, production process management, process flow, production scheduling management, full-process quality control, visual management, equipment ledger management, data analysis platform, and ERP interface. It provides real-time monitoring and early warning of production status, creating a digital manufacturing factory. 
    We introduced a product traceability management system to achieve traceability of source, accountability, and whereabouts, as well as rapid response, rapid recall, rapid identification of the source of problems, and closed-loop traceability management from raw materials to product packaging, which improves customer satisfaction while saving manpower and material resources.
    The mass-produced and shipped products are produced by the OQC operation management procedures which standardize the entire process management of check sampling, implementation of inspections, and isolation and reporting of unqualified products.
    Innowave plans to establish overseas factories to further meet the cost and supply chain needs of overseas clients.